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Data Visualization

LandlordSolutions collects data from a wide variety of data sources and aggregates this data (lumps it all together) in order to produce a single resource that provides the public with a tool to get a feel for the pulse of the market in one place. We are building a data visualization tool for the public that will become available in Q1/Q2 2024. The data below is only for demonstration purposes.

This data visualization tool displays the most significant metrics in the rental housing market of the Puget Sound (as collected by LandlordSolutions) and tracks those metrics over time. Our goal is to provide a public resource that can be used by housing providers, property managers, investors, non-profits, and elected officials to make informed decisions. Objective indicators, like total evictions, total rent owed, and other metrics, paint a picture of the outcome of our housing policies. Explore the data for yourself.

(This project is currently under development. The data below is only an example. This data is not factual.)

LandlordSolutions does not provide legal advice. The information we provide is general information for landlords. If you need legal advice or have questions about the application of the law in a particular matter, you should consult a lawyer.

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