LandlordSolutions Complies with HUD Guidance on AI for Tenant Screening

June 19, 2024

New guidance published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) explains the rights of applicants and the responsibilities of housing providers and tenant screening companies under the Fair Housing Act (FHA). It aims to ensure nondiscriminatory screening practices and help applicants recognize when they might be unlawfully denied housing.

In selecting a tenant screening company, housing providers should inquire into the ways in which the company ensures its screenings are accurate and nondiscriminatory and comply with all applicable Federal, state, and local laws.

How we comply:

• Every applicant receives a clear written screening criteria.
• We provide screening reports that are clear and accurate with disposition and detailed information with reason for denial and the opportunity to challenge any negative information.
• Records in the screening report are hand verified before being reported.
• Reported records in the screening report can be used to make a housing decision.
• Applicants are provided FCRA and FACTA disclosures.
• Our clients use independent judgment.

LandlordSolutions does not rely on advanced technologies, including machine learning and other forms of AI to provide a recommendation or housing decision. Each record reported in the screening report is reviewed and verified with two out of three factors (name, DOB and address).

Additional Considerations: Overreliance on credit history can lead to discriminatory effects due to systemic inequalities in credit access and scoring.

Housing providers should thoughtfully consider their use of credit scores and credit histories, particularly when evaluating applicants from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

• Black and Brown persons
• Credit invisible (minimal or no credit history)
• Survivors of domestic violence
• Applicant has a co-signer
• Applicant with Housing voucher

At LandlordSolutions, we are dedicated to ensuring that tenant screening reports are transparent, accurate, and fair. Our commitment to fairness and integrity in the screening process not only supports the rights of all applicants but also fosters trust and reliability in the rental market. At LandlordSolutions, we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to find a place to call home. By promoting compliance with the Fair Housing Act, our role is to education housing providers so that every applicant is given an equal opportunity to be evaluated on their own merits when seeking to fulfill a fundamental need: housing.


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