10 Responsibilities of The Tenant

December 21, 2012

    1. Pay Rent & Utilities:  Paying your rent and utilities on time should be your first priority.  The failure to pay rent and/or utilities on time may result in an eviction.  Don't let this happen to you.  If rent is paid late, be prepared to pay late fees.  be sure to inform your landlord in advance that you will be paying rent late and when you can pay.
    2. Maintain Safety Devices: The tenant is legally responsible to periodically check and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, including battery replacement after move-in.
    3. Emergency Plan:  Plan on having two separate ways to exit your unit and building.  Also know where the fire extinguishers and water shut off valves are located.
    4. Operate Appliances Safely & Correctly:  Properly use all appliances supplied in your rental unit.  Disregarding safety when using these appliances can put your life and every other tenant's around you at risk.  Safe use of appliances will also alleviate costs to repair damage.
    5. Repair Damage to the Rental Unit:  Any damages done to the unit that are not fixed by the end of the tenancy will be charged to the tenant and taken out of the security deposit.
    6. Pets:  Check with the landlord before going out to get a pet.  If pets are allowed, the landlord may have additional rules or fees.  If pets are allowed, do not allow your pet to damage the property or bother other tenants.
    7. Roommates & Guests: Only those listed on the lease may occupy the unit unless they have been approved by the landlord.  Check your rental agreement or lease for rules on how long guests can stay at the unit.  You are responsible for the actions of your guests.
    8. Noise:  You always need to watch how much noise you create.  Always be respectful of your neighbors.  You can always complain to your landlord if you are hearing too much or unusual noise from another unit.  Anyone else can do the same.
    9. Crime Free: When you moved into your new rental unit one of the forms you might have been asked to sign was a "Crime Free" addendum.  This form helps ensure that everyone in your rental community is accountable for their own actions and disallows any "criminal activity on the property".
    10. Proper Termination of Rental Agreement or Lease:  When a tenant wants to end a month to month rental agreement written notice must be given to the landlord.  The notice must be received at least 20 days before the end of the rental period.  The day which the notice is delivered does not count.

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