Limited Landlord Relief Program

March 29, 2021

Program Overview

The Washington State Limited Landlord Relief Program offers owners of four or fewer rental units/properties that make less than the Median Family Income the ability to recuperate up to 80% of the unpaid rental payments where tenants are non-communicative or unqualified for the Eviction Rental Assistance Program where the unpaid rents were the result of a Statewide Emergency as declared by the Governor of Washington. This program is limited to pay no more than $2 million in claims.

Who Can Submit a Claim?

Any Claimant that meets all of the criteria below may submit a claim:

  • The property owner is the sole investor in the property associated with the claim. Married Co-Owners are considered sole investors. Ownership must be personal and not that of a professional organization.
  • Property owner income is at or below the local Family Median Income defined by the US Administration of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). To determine the area Family Median Income for your area, please review this document and compare your Adjusted Gross Income on the most recent tax return.
  • Property Owner is not contracted with a Property Manager or Property Management Company.
  • The tenant identified in the claim must have rent, utilities, or both in arrears.

How to Qualify for the Limited Landlord Relief Program

Commerce will review, approve and pay claims as quickly as possible. However, failing to provide proper documentation to satisfy the requirements below may cause claims to be denied. Please have the following documents scanned to attach to your claim. We will request missing documentation but cannot make exceptions for documents that are not available. If we do not receive all required documents and any other requested supporting evidence, the claim will not be approved.

Priority is given to landlords where the tenant is non-communicative or ineligible for the Eviction Rental Assistance Program.

Important note: Any approved and paid claim will prohibit the landlord (or any agency on the landlord’s behalf) from pursuing legal action for additional monies owed from the tenant at any time in the future.

Documents required for damage and/or rent loss claims:

  • Obtain a Washington Statewide Vendor Identification number.
  • An executed written Rental Agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant(s).
  • A Tenant ledger showing any unpaid portion of rent.
  • The property owner’s most current Tax Return cover page or tax form page showing the Adjusted Gross Income. Please do not include the entire tax return packet.
  • Complete the entire claim submission form found here.

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