Seattle PASSED a Ban on Winter Evictions

Seattle is the first in the country and second in the world to place a ban on evictions. This afternoon at 4:00 pm Seattle City Council passed a ban on winter evictions with six amendments. The final vote was 7-0. The amended bill would limit the ban to the months of December 1-February 28, not […]

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Mid-Session Legislative Update

This Week in Review: We are half-way through the 2020 legislative session with several bills having made it out of committee. Legislators have introduced several bills to address affordable housing, more housing, housing tenants with criminal records and more tenant protections. There was even a bill for rent control. It is still too soon to see […]

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Could this happen in Washington?

OAKLAND - Nearly three weeks after a group of homeless women and their children took over a vacant West Oakland house, the property owner is trying to evict them — and the women are fighting back.

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What Are the Best Tenant Screening Services?

Not all tenant screening services are created equal. It’s important to explore the options available to you before you make a decision. Ideally, the tenant screening service you select will offer these features.

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Fair Housing Laws: Why You Can and Can't Deny a Tenant

A thorough tenant screening process is critical if you want to avoid bad renters, but going too far can get you into trouble. Here's how to make sure you don't violate fair housing laws when evaluating tenants.

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The Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening

Are you screening your tenants thoroughly enough? Want to avoid bad renters, unpaid rent, and damage to your properties? This tenant screening guide can help.

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Burien Joins Other Local Cities with New Tenant-Favoring Housing Reforms

Federal Way voters recently passed new laws that protect tenants by requiring landlords to provide “just cause” when they end their lease with one of their tenants. Whether you’re in the City of Federal Way or not, read the following breakdown to better understand what will be taking effect November 26th, and what will likely […]

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Seattle Removes Landlords Ability to Use Criminal Records in Rental Decisions

The City of Seattle, in a series of bold regulations against property owners, has gotten the State Supreme Court to support their latest ordinance - no more using criminal records. The justification used by the city is that the ordinance will help...

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State Supreme Court rules "First In Time" is Constitutional

Thrown out at the county level, the Washington State Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Seattle’s “First in Time” (FIT) ordinance is constitutionally legal. The “First In Time” ordinance states that Seattle landlords will be required to: • post all minimum rental criteria • subject applicants to only...

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